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SonDash Parody
A SonDash Parody
[That's right folks. This is a satirical fanfic based off a crossover pairing no one likes anymore. ENJOY! And PLEASE do NOT take this seriously! This is also not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. This is just for fun, okay?]
(P.S. For those who do not understand, the grammar is terrible on purpose to further prove that this is a crazy little parody. Good luck translating this! XP)
1 dae saneek an hes frens sumhow endededed up in a wired colorfull worl
A lite blu pegagases fond de forain creeturs and floo don 2 tem
A prupel uneecorn aslo saw tem an teletubbieported 2 dem
"Hi who ar u" tge pegasoos askd
"Im rainbow dish nice too meat you snoci wanna race im fast too"
"Das kool let doodoo eet"
Dey went fast as teh yooneekorn taked 2 beh others
Suddenly scino stared to hab feels for rabo desh "she is cute an not annoying leik ami rash i leik her"
L8ter the oonycon named twiddle spook met edgy te hgehog and dey fell in love
:icon4swords4ever:4swords4ever 3 2
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Shadow Link But He's High On Caffiene
(What am I doing up at this time?! Oh well have some stupidity. Oh, and I will get on those meme expression things soon)
:iconviolinkplz:: *Minding his own business and reading another book. Typical Vio...*
:iconshadowlinkplz:: *Slowly inches up above Vio's chair with a stupid look on his face* ...
:iconviolinkplz:: ...
:iconshadowlinkplz:: HEEEEEEEEEEEY VIO!!
:iconviolinkplz:: AYYEE! *Falls off his chair and faceplants on the ground*
:iconshadowlinkplz:: Whaaaaatcha doin'?
:iconviolinkplz:: *Gets up* Well, I WAS reading...
:iconshadowlinkplz:: Weeellll, not anymore you're not! I'm gonna bug you till the day we all die! HEE...!
:iconviolinkplz:: Uhhh... Wh-Why?
:iconshadowlinkplz:: BECAUSE! I, heeheehee, drank, heeHEE, so much! Of THIS drink, that's a combination of brown powdery stuff thingies, sweet tasting snow, and non-alchoholic milk!
:iconviolinkplz:: Y-... You drank coffee?!
:iconshadowlinkplz:: Hee... heeheehee... YES!!!!! And I also drank so many energy drinks from the future!
:icon4swords4ever:4swords4ever 4 13
Let's-a do a meme! by 4swords4ever Let's-a do a meme! :icon4swords4ever:4swords4ever 2 22


Cuphead by kira-vera Cuphead :iconkira-vera:kira-vera 79 3 Weekend with the girls by MercuryJin Weekend with the girls :iconmercuryjin:MercuryJin 524 42 Cuphead and Mugman by xXMimykoXx Cuphead and Mugman :iconxxmimykoxx:xXMimykoXx 25 1 Can We Take the Photo Now?? by ZeniRiri Can We Take the Photo Now?? :iconzeniriri:ZeniRiri 10 6 Remind me to make a better version  by ZeniRiri Remind me to make a better version :iconzeniriri:ZeniRiri 6 2 PENKEH by SlickDoodleGuy PENKEH :iconslickdoodleguy:SlickDoodleGuy 17 12 Do It For Him by SailorVelvet Do It For Him :iconsailorvelvet:SailorVelvet 7 4 Future Pones by Orin331 Future Pones :iconorin331:Orin331 653 154 Rarity and Spike as friends by KittyJewelpet78 Rarity and Spike as friends :iconkittyjewelpet78:KittyJewelpet78 189 67 The Carnival Crew by Chrissie-Boo The Carnival Crew :iconchrissie-boo:Chrissie-Boo 132 5 Vector #683 - King Thorax by DashieSparkle Vector #683 - King Thorax :icondashiesparkle:DashieSparkle 190 16 Vector #828 - King Thorax #9 by DashieSparkle Vector #828 - King Thorax #9 :icondashiesparkle:DashieSparkle 92 4 The Student Six by cheezedoodle96 The Student Six :iconcheezedoodle96:cheezedoodle96 188 6 MLP Vector - The Young Six by jhayarr23 MLP Vector - The Young Six :iconjhayarr23:jhayarr23 523 63 Student Six (G/O/SB/ST/SM/Y) by Squipy-Cheetah Student Six (G/O/SB/ST/SM/Y) :iconsquipy-cheetah:Squipy-Cheetah 84 3 Baby Cups! by LucasTheMotherArtist Baby Cups! :iconlucasthemotherartist:LucasTheMotherArtist 258 45


Look who it is! It's (the AU version of) Aqua Shadow Link! Say hi to all the lovely people!


He's shy :)

And so cute aaaaaa I wanna hug him

Four Swords belongs to Nintendo and Akira Himekawa
Aqua and FSAU belong to ME!!
Cuphead Ships I guess...

*Deep breath* HELLO PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET it's me, Dancer and welcome to THIS!! (That was my would-be YouTube intro)

Soooo... yeah, Cuphead has shippings too. You can't avoid 'em, k? It's not like shipping is an abomination to mankind. I mean, as someone who knows about certain ships that I, as well as others, could gladly do without, I personally think shipping is kinda okay. Like with a lot of other things, If done right, you could make something great! But I ain't writing no fanfics right now. I'm sharing my opinions on some Cuphead ships. If you ask me, I don't particularly care all that much about romance anymore, but there are a few pairings I've grown to like. But, of course, there are some I dislike. Here we go.

BrOTPs (saving the best for last)
-Ribby and Croaks
-The Root Pack
-The Carnival Trio
-Cuphead and Mugman (If you know me, I am SUCH A SUCKER for strong, family relationships! They're better than romance if you ask me! I am already in love with certain brotherly/sisterly relationships (Mario and Luigi, AU Red and Shadow, Toon Link and Aryll, etc.) and Cup and Mug are no exception! I love the good ol' fan portrayal where the Cup brothers are bestest friends as well as brothers! ITSO CUTE!! ITSO CUTE AAAAAAAAAA)

Ship It
-CandyClown (Bon Bon X Beppi) (It's cute!)
-CarnaBerg (Cagney X Hilda) (Found myself liking it. I do wonder where it came from, but it's kinda cool!)
-Sally and her husband

-AngelCup (Cuphead X Angel) (You know about the fish girl, right? The one who's fishin' near the first Mausoleum and tells you about parrying and to stop spookin' the fish? Yeah... I kinda think she and Cuphead could be cute together.)
-Blind Specter X Legendary Chalice (IDK the unique ship name for it)
-Rolling Dice (King Dice X Pirouletta)
-HoneyFlower (Rumor X Cagney) (As stated in the image above, it's fitting. I just like CarnaBerg better for some reason)

Not My Thing
-Cuphead X Bon Bon (IDK the name for that one either. I never cared for it because of my portrayal of them Cups. I'll explain as things go on)
-CalaMug (Cala Maria X Mugman) (I like it but I don't but I ehhhh.....)

-Cup X Mug
-EeughhKing Dice X The devil (Sorry, but no)

-Cup X Mug

And now, I shall explain my whole portrayal on CalaMug. Despite there being two confirmations on how old our dish-headed friends are (MDHR said they're kidults and a writer said they're adolescents so basically, they don't know either lel), I like to go with the "kid fanon". Why? That's just how I am. SO! I like to portray CalaMug as a Spike and Rarity relationship. Even though he's a bit too young IMO, Spike has shown a silly little kiddy crush on Rarity and she kinda humors him with kisses on the cheek, but she's not looking for a romantic relationship with him. The same applies with the precious mug and pretty mermaid. However, Mugman will grow out of his crush as he gets older and finds a different girl more for him (who that is, I don't know yet). IDK, man, is that alright?

Meme by :iconpoplyst:
Cuphead belongs to Studio MDHR
I'm deeply sorry

Take note: I did not draw this! The original image belongs to one of my bestest pals, ZeniRiriririririririririririririri :iconzeniriri:
Four Swords belongs to Nintendo and Akira Himekawa


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Call me Dancer!
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Hey, people, what's up? I'm 4Swords4ever, but you can call me Dancer. I do art! I'm also a gamer! I'm a very friendly person and easy to get along with, as long as you're nice! Like my artwork? Go ahead and watch me! I mostly draw my art on a 3DS game called "Pokémon Art Academy". I tend to make base art too. It's fun!

Hey, I politely ask that you DO NOT use any swear words while commenting on my posts. Pretty please? You don't have to stop cursing in general, but just don't swear on my posts! And don't call me a sissy for that, either! I would just appreciate it if you keep things clean around me, kay?

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Hi. :) Can I have a request for Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer happily together in friendship, please? :)

They're both human. :)

Twilight Sparkle - Pony/Human by Trinityinyang   
4swords4ever Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm afraid requests are for friends only. Sorry...
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I just realized that during the part where Starlight said she is poorly wriiten, I noticed she said "Hasbro isn't writing me right." in the Starlight's Message to All photo.

I honestly thought that was a typo because I didn't see "right" in it until now.
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